Obata Yuji
BORN        May 1962   Kanagawa Pref. Japan

RESIDES       Tokyo

EDUCATION  1982-1985 Nihon University Collage of Art


1998   New Commer's Award, Photographic Society of Japan
1997   8th Konica Photography Encouragement Prize
1987   24th The Sun Prize


2006   Photographity 1980-2005   Portrait Gallery, Tokyo
2004   Croatian Images in Winter & Summer   KONICA MINOLTA PLAZA, Tokyo
2002   Bird of Paradise: MADEIRA  Photogallery International, Tokyo
2001   Marginal Land of Europe   Logos Gallery, Tokyo
1999   The Month of Photography,  Fuji Photo Salon, Tokyo
1998   Invisible Border   Konica Photo Plaza, Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo

1996   Lisboa-Tokyo-Las Vegas  Oregon Moon Gallery, Tokyo
1995   Untitled    Oregon Moon Gallery, Tokyo
1993   Memoria   Gallery VEROX, Tokyo
1987   Shanghai Mirage,  OLYMPUS Gallery, Tokyo


2007   Winter-tale  published by SOKYU-SHA
2001   Bird of Paradise: MADEIRA  published by Heibonsha
1987   Invisible Border  private press
Gallery: MADEIRA
Books(japanese only)